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How Would You Like To Build A List With Your MicroSAAS AI Apps?

We have built a very powerful addon that will turn every MicroSAAS AI app you create into a lead magnet. Which do you think is more powerful?

A. Giving away an ebook with information that most people can get for free?


B. Giving access to a software app that is unique?

If you guessed B you would be correct!

Imagine how powerful it would be and how many leads you could build by giving access away to the MicrosSAAS AI apps YOU create! We have seen conversions as high as 80% on some of the MicroSAAS AI apps we create!

This is a super powerful addon

and comes with 21 autoresponder integrations added

Plus three webinar integrations…

And even works with Zapier and other webhooks

You can capture leads for every sale you make and add them to a webinar system As Well!

at the same time and even transfer via a webhook or Zapier to another system as well!

And you can do the same when you give access away…

So you can delpoy a app as a lead magnet, just like you would giveaway an ebook you can giveaway access to one of the apps for free.

This means for every person who registers you get to collect that email!

Imagine Being Able To Give Access To A Software App For Free…

Think of the conversion rates...giveaway an app against an ebook and collect the lead how quickly could you build a list and use our inbuilt apps to upsell the leads to.

Add the same lead to your webinar…

And move the lead somewhere else using Zapier or a webhook!

You see how powerful that is!

Build A Small App

Build a small app using the MicroSAAS AI builder. Can be something very simple add in the autoresponder addon. The small app instantly becomes a lead magnet. It collects and sends the lead to your autoresponder, can also send the lead to webinar or webhook or zapier.

Upsell Our In Built Apps

The lead you collect you instantly have a done for you ready made app in one of our indepth apps that you can sell access to with your new lead. Rinse and repeat you have a army of possibilities with our done for you apps that you can sell access to.

The special price you see on this page won't last forever.

If you pass up this upgrade now...

And decide to switch to MicroSAAS AI Autorespodner Addon later, it will cost you a lot more. This low price is only available during the launch period. Once that period ends, the prices will go up to the regular rates. So, grab this deal while you can!


Autoresponder Addon

Powerful List Building Addon

  • 21 Autoresponders Intergrations Included
  • Webinar Intergrations Included
  • Zapier Intergration Included
  • Webhook Intergrations Included 
  • Tutorials Included
  • Commercial License Use With Clients
MicroSAAS AI Autoresponder Addon

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for MicroSaaS AI

At MicroSaaS AI, we're committed to providing

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To initiate a refund

please contact our customer support team within 30 days

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Beyond The Guarantee

We're dedicated to improving MicroSaaS AI continuously and value all feedback from our customers. Even if you decide that our app isn't the right fit for your needs, we're eager to learn from your experience. Your insights help us enhance our products and services for all our users.